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  • Camera and Gallery

    Access to your camera is required to be able to capture an image and upload it to the image section of the customer's reservation.

  • Location

    The app uses your location to prioritize customer addresses and optimize your workflow.

  • File Manager

    You allow access to a file manager so you can select photos from your mobile device to upload to the app.

  • Internet

    To function properly, the mobile application uses a constant connection to the Internet.

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Installation method

To install the app, you need to confirm its security using the appropriate Android permissions


Intelligent communication with clients

There is a system module developed for intelligent communication with clients. The Company using the euSystem software is entitled to send automatic notices for certain events to numerous users at the same time. This way the clients are satisfied from the work with us.

  • availability
    • 1 Notification system after how long the technician will arrive at the client's address.
    • 2 Automatic sending of a Delay notification, if there are prerequisites for such to the end customer.
    • 3 Option for sending SMS, Viber or WhatsApp message to a particular recepient or end client.
    • 4 Sending an e-mail to the respective user with settings for which events an e-mail to be sent.
    • 5 LiveChat for direct communication with the end client through the web site of the partner.

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