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Integration with phone system and bonus policy

The EuSystem partners offer a module, developed with an integrated phone system, automatically opening the reservation of the client on the phone. There is a bonus policy integrated, allowing the partners to easily find out who are the best technicians and Employees.

  • availability
    • 1 Automatic visualisation of each client data, when taking a phone call in the Company office.
    • 2 Send a record of the conversation with the client to an e-mail provided.
    • 3 The System is provided with a bonus policy based on points, which may be determined by the partners.
    • 4 Bonus policy for office Employee, based on number of made reservations and assessment of the conversation with the client.
    • 5 EuSystem provides you with 2 types bonus policy for technicians, determined by reservations made, number of points and assessment of the client.

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