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System for priority addresses and control of the locations.

The EuSystem is provided with a system, developed for automatic arrangement of the reservations of each technician as per the GPS coordinates of the addresses and the location of the technician. There is also a specially developed map with the addresses of the forthcoming reservations, directly interacting with the navigation of the technician.

  • availability
    • 1 Option for optimization of the time of the technician, through the means of automatic arrangement of the addresses both in the system and the mobile application of the technician.
    • 2 Tracking the technicians' location directly through the means of a map in the EuSystem platform.
    • 3 Automatic notice to the client for the remaining time until the visit of the techncian, based on his GPS data.
    • 4 The system mobile application opens navigation for the technician to the respective address of the client's reservation.

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