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  • Camera and Gallery

    Access to your camera is required to be able to capture an image and upload it to the image section of the customer's reservation.

  • Location

    The app uses your location to prioritize customer addresses and optimize your workflow.

  • File Manager

    You allow access to a file manager so you can select photos from your mobile device to upload to the app.

  • Internet

    To function properly, the mobile application uses a constant connection to the Internet.

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Installation method

To install the app, you need to confirm its security using the appropriate Android permissions


Easy organization of the technicians' working process

The system is provided with a specially developed panel for the technician, where he can follow up any reservation of a particular client, his data, contact information, address and the service, he wishes the technician to fulfill. This way the technician receives the required information, easily and immediately, and he sees everything needed on the main screen.

  • Advantages
  • Mobile application
  • workflow
    • 1 Visual information day by day with an option for period change.
    • 2 Detailed information for the client and the problem in the reservation itself.
    • 3 Map with all addresses of the forthcoming reservations with an option for opening of a navigation application to reach the address.
    • 4 Specially designated panel of the client with an option for a comment, listing parts used, uploading pictures, etc.
    • 5 The system consists of „Auxiliary materials for the appliance“ in order to facilitate the technician.
  • workflow

    Convinient mobile application for your technicians

    A mobile application with easy interface is developed for the convinience of the technicians. It's design compliments the euSystem. The functionalities are grouped in a convinient way for the users. The application works with data bases of the software system, which allowed the whole information to be synchronized. The log in data for the application is the same as the log in data of the technician in the software system. The functionality is identical to the one in the system itself, giving the technician the opportunity to manage the whole process directly from his smartphone.

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