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  • Camera and Gallery

    Access to your camera is required to be able to capture an image and upload it to the image section of the customer's reservation.

  • Location

    The app uses your location to prioritize customer addresses and optimize your workflow.

  • File Manager

    You allow access to a file manager so you can select photos from your mobile device to upload to the app.

  • Internet

    To function properly, the mobile application uses a constant connection to the Internet.

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Installation method

To install the app, you need to confirm its security using the appropriate Android permissions

Policy on „cookies“

The website, uses „biscuits“ in order to identify each separate user, hence it collects anonym statistics, giving information on how the users use the site. This information gives us directions and helps us to improve the site’s structure.

1. What are „the cookies“ ?
„The cookies“ are small text files, saved on your computer or mobile device, when you visit an website. They allow the website to remember your actions and preferences (like for example user name, language, font size and other viewing adjustments) for a definite period of time, in order to prevent from inserting them every time you visit the website or when you pass from one page to another. The information collected is used to get to know the user better and to improve the site operation.

By using our website you give your consent that may save „cookies“ in your computer or mobile device.

2. What type of „cookies“ do we use?
We use two types of „cookies“: session and permanent. The session „cookies“ are temporary files, that stays in terminal until the completion of the user session or until the application is closed. The permanent „cookies“ stay on the terminal of the user for the time period, determined by the parameters of „the cookie“ or until cleaned manually by the user.

3. „The biscuits“ and personal data
The technical data we collect because of the „cookies“, does not represent personal data in the meaning of the General Regulation for Personal Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 for personal data protection), since it is not sufficiently individualizing. Its usage is needed for the functioning of the website, the collection of the required information, including required by law and also to guarantee the website users’ security and to improve the services we provide you.

4. How to turn off „the cookies“ ?
All contemporary browsers allow you to change the settings for „cookies“. Usually you can find these settings in menu „options“ or „preferences“ of your browser.
If you want to block „thecookies“, some of the site finctions will be stopped and this may lead to inaccuracies or errors when using it. For example, blocking „the cookies“ may prevent you from using the services of the website.

In case you agree with those restrictions and you want to block „the cookies“, follow the instructions below. More of the browsers accept „cookies“ at default, but you can change your settings for blocking some or all of „the cookies“.

Choose your browser for the list below in order to see the instructions you need to follow after you open it.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (Windows 7 operation system)
- click on the settings icon (upper right corner)
- click on Internet options
- Click on Confidentiality and then choose the options
- Click on apply and then ОК, in order to preserve your preferences

Google Chrome
- Click on the key icon and choose Options from the list
- Click on section “Extended settings”
- Click on content settings from section Confidentiality.
- Choose the settings you want
- Click on X, in order to close

- Choose preferences
- Click on the confidentiality panel
- Chose the settings you want
- Click on X, in order to close

Mozilla Firefox
- Choose Instruments from the main bar, then Options
- Click on Confidentiality section
- Choose the settings you want
- Click OK in order to close

IMPORTANT! The User refusal of „cookies“ may lead to restriction of the functionality or to impossibility to use the website services.

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